Meet Adam “Iggy” Dragotta…


Adam “Iggy” Dragotta was born in New Jersey. His lifelong fascination for hot dogs began as a child growing up in the small blue collar town of Phillipsburg. Adam was raised on local fast food favorites from the likes of Toby’s, Jimmy’s, Nicholosi’s Pizza, and Sammy’s to name a few. But it wasn’t until he landed his first job at a local “greasy spoon” that he would truly appreciate the methodology and science behind fast food cuisine. Adam got a job working as a short order cook at Sammy’s Drive In on Route 22. He worked weekends as a soda jerk and filled in as a grill man when he was needed. There he learned the finer points of drive-in food culture. Burgers, shakes, subs, cheese steaks and hot dogs, especially hot dogs were all part of the vernacular. He worked at Sammy’s until his graduation. After graduating high school Adam decided to move west and landed in Tucson, Arizona. His brother Josh was tending bar at a local joint called Bison Witches Bar & Deli. Family connections paid off and Josh scored Adam a job in the kitchen. It was here that the original My Greasy Wiener Hot Dog Shop was born.

Adam opened My Greasy Wiener in the fall of 2002. He slung dogs on the street corner to drunkards and hot dog devotees. His line of wiener t-shirts sold like hotcakes! And Tucson was only the beginning. Adam’s passion for a larger audience and bigger sales drove him to the shores of Southern California. Iggy landed in San Diego with both feet on the ground. He set up the cart in the laid back streets of Ocean Beach, San Diego’s bohemian paradise. OB was the perfect location for hot dogs. From hipsters to hippies and weekenders to locals everyone embraced Iggy’s famous franks.

Spending the days at a local park and the nights outside of local dive bars and nightclubs; within a very short period of time, everyone had heard about Adam’s east coast edible masterpiece, including all of the local restaurant owners. Adam’s reputation got the best of him and before he knew it, he was in the cross hairs of business owners. It didn’t take long to take him down. Having a cart comes with a certain amount of vulnerability and his lack of connections forced him to look in another direction. So he did what any guy with a brother would do. He called his brother for advice!

Adam listened to Josh’s wild stories of the “lunch truck phenomenon” sweeping the streets of Los Angeles. He couldn’t believe it so he took a trip up the coast and saw with his own eyes the possibilities of a mobile kitchen unit. Envisioning a wiser investment and great mobility he could get his Greasy Wiener out on the streets of LA for everyone to taste! In early 2009 the two brothers put their heads together and started production on the concept of The Greasy Wiener. All of Adam’s dreams were coming true including the grandest dream of them all… his very own brand of hot dogs!

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